UBER Idea Where is that from/ FIGARO GASTON

The Truth about UBER idea. 2011 Figaro Gaston  Called Google in the phone to help me created the technology for the taxi app 

My Name is Figaro Gaston.I`m the owner of AOL Taxi. we located in South West Florida United States of America. When we start this company, People called us from all over United States because of the company name. they think AOL Taxi is the same as aol.com.

I`m Haitian I been in the USA  sense 2007  Sometimes is difficult for me to understand some accent, same for people to understand me. 

Sometimes people called us, they don`t speak english but they expected some body to understand they language in the taxi dispatch. My understanding is this. 

no body have to speak chinese to go to China to call a taxi cab company and tell them where you are. That's why I came with the idea to create the taxi app!. 

I was looking a way to fix the problem. help people to find taxi easy. make it easy for everyone to move around. When I used the Square up app, if we take payment in our  smartphone, the app take the picture of the closer location where we swap the card. I tote that was going a be easy to built the app to help moving people around.  I was looking for a company to built me the app for taxi. That was difficult for me to make this decision because I do not want people to take my idea. after along time thinking about it, I makes a decision to called google in the phone,  I left a message and they called me back.

 I explained what I was looking for the guy in the phone told me he had to reschedule with me to introduce me to the app developer team because he doesn`t work in this department. few days after google called me and told me they set up a meeting for me with 2 companies to talk to me about the project.

 I spend 2 house in the conference call  with  them. When I told them I need to see the customer when the customer click to open the app they don`t have to talk I want to see the location to send a driver to the location and I want the app to translate in many languages by voice texting they told me they have to talk to FBI about that they put me on old when they got back to me they told me FBI said no for me to see the customer after that everything else was fine. They asked $50 K to built the app I told them I don`t have that money now but the app gonna be all over the World so built the app and I will pay any price they want. 5 days after some one called me again asked me if I already register the idea I told him no and told me he want to be my partner and hang up the phone. Nou Uber making Billions but no one call me to tell me anything. 

UBER CEO can tell any body everything her want but if he honest  he have to say that. God knows that. I`m the one who bring the idea to google. I was seeking for help. When they called me the last time I remember told them that, Sir please don`t steal my idea this is the reason I chose to call google and I have many great idea like that, I just want to put that out to help the world moving around. he answer me no, you lie you can not have any better idea then this. I CALLED GOOGLE TO HELP ME WITH A PROJECT THEY STEAL MY IDEA AND BUILT UBER. I`M STILL DRIVING TAXI IN NAPLES FLORIDA. THAT THE WORLD WE LIVE ON.

Uber will merge its China operation with its mainland ride-hailing rival Didi Chuxing in a $35 billion deal.

Didi will reportedly invest $1 billion in Uber at a $68 billion valuation, while Uber China investors will receive a 20% stake in the rival company,Bloomberg reports.

Didi Chuxing said it would take over all of Uber China and operate it as a separate brand. In exchange, the company said, Uber will receive a stake in Didi Chuxing and Uber founder Travis Kalanick will join the Chinese company’s board.

The heavy cost to compete in China has reportedly sapped Uber of $2 billion. Didi Chuxing eclipses Uber’s performance in China, completing over 11 million rides per day compared with Uber’s 1 million.

The share-swap deal comes days after China released a framework to legalize ride-hailing services.