Don`t buy online what you can find at the store

Post date: Dec 08, 2014 8:13:48 PM

today December 8/2014 I called paypal for a credit card charge. 

 I received a mail I don`t know what was that about, I called  from 1:10 PM to now 3:34 PM no body answer my call. if you can find something at the store why buy it online. When you shopping online you give your payment info to people you don`t see, some time they used your payment info for other things so you have to spend hours in the phone to retch thim. why doing that to your self when can just go to a place you buy what you want and pay cash or credit card and you safe. if anything go`s wrong you can go back to the place and some body will talk to you .... do not buy online what you can find at the store. no heat heck no stress. you buy you pay and you go. Shopping online is not a good Idea