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Once you have developed your marketing budget, it doesn’t mean that it’s set in stone. There may be times when you need to throw in another unplanned marketing tactic -- such as hosting event to help you reach your market more effectively.

Ultimately, it’s more important to determine whether sticking to your budget is helping you achieve your marketing goals and bringing you a return on investment (BEP) than to adhere to a rigid and fixed budget.

That's why it's important to include a plan for measuring your spend. Consider what impact certain marketing activities have had on your revenues during a fixed period, such as a business quarter, compared to another time period when you focused your efforts on other tactics. Consider the tactics that worked as well as those that didn’t work. You don't have to cut the tactics that didn't work, but you should assess whether you need to give them more time to work or whether the funds are best redirected elsewhere Bizepage.com mad easy.

Granted, some tactics are hard to measure -- such as the efficacy of ads on bizepage.com etc.), but you need to consider the impact of not having these branding bizepage.com in your market tool kit before you reign in your graphic design for your web site.

Marketing plans should be maintained on an annual basis, at a minimum. But if you launch a new product or service, take time to revisit your original plan or develop a separate campaign plan that you can add to your main plan as an addendum.

At the end of the day, the time spent developing your marketing plan, is time well spent because it defines how you connect with your customers. And that's an investment worth making with bizepage.com

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 When you register with us, sign up for an application or service, become a member of a company profile or make recommendations on the service, we use certain information we collect from you (your name, business, and location of your business) to set up a profile on your behalf , and which information will be available by search to help you promote your business or profession. After you register with biz e page , you may provide additional member information about yourself (member profile, company profile) and add company profile information about your business in the My Profile area on bizepage. Such member and company profiles could include, at your option, a description of your skills or products, experience, education and membership in organizations. Also in the My Profile area, Please use http://www.bizepage.com/contact to obtain more information about biz e page we will email you all the information you need, various features and services and the options you have to use those services.

            Contact Information

We may offer you services to send invitations via Biz E Page or email addresses if they are not Biz E Page users in order to connect with others on biz e page. The names and email addresses of people whom you invite will be used to send your invitations and reminders as well as to allow us to help expand your network.

            You Consent to our Collection of Information

By providing information to us for the purposes of creating your bizepage account, interacting with bizepage services and features, or adding any additional details to your profile, you understand and agree that we may process information about you, if you post any information about yourself on areas of bizepage that are publicly accessible, such as message boards or forums, you understand and agree that such information will be save in our sever.


                                                                                                      Why Business E Pages



  Company Objective

The Company's objective is to provide motivated Sellers with an end-to-end solution to convert surplus assets into cash efficiently and reliably, and to provide qualified professional Buyers with a venue to source surplus goods, on a global scale, at attractive prices.

 Company Services

To fulfill its objectives, the Company has developed a tailored technology and integrated services to advertise company & sale tools to liquidate physical assets and ensure the completion of your transactions. Services provided by the Company include, but are not limited to: due diligence and fraud prevention, Seller/Buyer communication tools, payment collection, integrated shipping, warehousing and logistics management, account management tools, dedicated account personnel, marketing, inspection, and many more services (collectively, the .Services.). These services are described in detail in the Services section, as well as the Buyer and the Seller sections of the website fro large & Small Businesses

  Confidentiality & Security

The Company's objective is to preserve the confidentiality of your information and your anonymity in the course of the transaction. The Company has made a firm commitment to maintain your privacy and the confidentiality of your personal protected information. Please see our privacy policy for additional information about our collection, use and protection of personal information provided by you to the Company.

 The Company has developed specific tools that enable qualified potential Buyers and Sellers, registered with the Company, to exchange price details and other information without disclosing their names, or the names of their company in order to protect the Seller's distribution channel policy and to open new markets to qualified Buyers.

  The Company has integrated services related to the closure of the transaction (e.g. due diligence and verification services, logistics and inspection services) to offer the possibility for qualified Buyers or Sellers to remain anonymous throughout the transaction process.

  The Company guarantees that banking or credit card information will be processed by an independent and secure third party. All payment are made through a secure socket layer (SSL), a security protocol that provides data encryption, server authentication, and message integrity for connections to the Internet, to ensure that the data you provide us is not transmitted over the Internet unencrypted and cannot be viewed by unauthorized individuals.


The Services are available only to individuals or entities that can form legally binding contracts. Without limiting the foregoing, minors in any jurisdiction may not participate in the Services. The Company reserves the right to review and verify the information provided in your registration application and to, at its sole discretion, postpone or reject your registration approval. When the Company has notified a User that their registration form has been approved, the User will become a "Registered User" and shall be permitted to use the Site and Services. The Company reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to review the status and compliance of any User with the terms of this User Agreement and to suspend or terminate a User's use of the Site and Services without notice.

 User Password

Users select a username and a password, which are subject to the approval of the Company. You agree that you are solely responsible for preserving the confidentiality of your username and your password and all activities and charges related to the use of your password, including unauthorized use. You agree not to furnish your username, password or other information to any other party for use of the Site and Services. Company personnel will never ask you for your password for any reason. You agree to notify the Company immediately of any unauthorized use of your personal password or username and any other breach of security regarding the Services.

  User Information

Each User agrees that all of the information provided in their registration application is timely, true and correct, including, but not limited to, the User's legal name, address, phone number, fax number, e-mail address, and other personal and business information. You agree to promptly notify the Company should the User information provided need to be updated, changed or deleted. Any requested changes to the shipping address must be made within 24 hours of the close of the auction and before payment has been applied to the pending transaction. You understand that your failure to provide accurate and complete information may result in actions taken against you, including without limitation, the immediate suspension or termination of your use of the Services. User understands that email will be the primary medium for Company to communicate information about the auctions.

The Company may, in its discretion, but is not obligated to, monitor material, content and information on the Site, including, but not limited to auction listings and bidding activity, to determine compliance with the terms and conditions of this User Agreement and current and future operating procedures and rules of conduct established by the Company. The Company may also intercept and disclose any content, record, use or other information to the extent reasonably necessary to carry out the terms of this User Agreement, to protect the rights of the Company, for mechanical or service quality control as permitted by law, or to comply with any law, regulation, information, or court order submitted or transmitted to the Company. The Company reserves the right, at its sole discretion and without liability to any User, to amend, edit, remove or otherwise block any material posted by a User which may, in the Company's sole discretion, violate any state, federal or local law or violate any aspect of this User Agreement or in order to limit the Company's liability. However, the Company does not assume responsibility for verifying the material, content and information on its Site and is not responsible for any damages, losses, expenses or other injuries incurred by any User as a result of relying on any material, content and information posted on the Company's Site.


Users who use the Company's Site to sell assets or merchandise of any kind agree that: Sellers can submit information about assets or merchandise by using the online "Seller Tools" tool. These tools enable you to include all the relevant information regarding the merchandise that will be necessary to sell (e.g. description, retail value, price, quantity, lot size, shipping information), promote and facilitate the logistic management. This information may be reviewed to ensure its consistency and accuracy and posted upon agreement of our sales team that will tailor the sales strategy to maximize your returns. Prior to any auction activation, the Seller must have a signed Asset Sales Agreement (BEP).

Listing Information

Sellers are advised that items that do not receive a bid ("No Bids Auctions") will be tallied by Company on a monthly basis. If the number of No Bid Auctions exceeds thirty percent (30%) of the total number of auctions posted by the Seller the Seller will be responsible for a No Bid Auction fee of $10 per auction in excess of the thirty percent. Sellers who execute an Asset Consignment and Sales Agreement with Company will be exempt from this fee for the first two months after the submission of their executed Asset Consignment and Sales Agreement as they are establishing themselves as a seller on the site.

  Seller/Bid Features.

Items that do not Receive a Bid

Sellers are advised that items that do not receive a bid ("No Bids Auctions") will be tallied by Company on a monthly basis. If the number of No Bid Auctions exceeds sixty percent (60%) of the total number of auctions posted by the Seller beginning in September 1, 2012 through October 31, 2012, the Seller will be responsible for a No Bid Auction fee of $10 per auction in excess of the sixty percent. Beginning November 1, 2012, and continuing thereafter, all No Bid Auctions in excess of thirty percent (10%) for that month will be subject to the No Bid Auction fee. Sellers who execute an Asset Consignment and Sales Agreement with Company will be exempt from this fee for the first two months after the submission of their executed Asset Consignment and Sales Agreement as they are establishing themselves as a seller on the site.

  No Unlawful or Restricted Assets

Sellers agree that they will not attempt to sell any illegal or restricted assets of any kind through the Company's Site and Services, including, without limitation, all counterfeit goods, drugs, guns, pornography, munitions, hazardous waste, non-metal scrap or any other item, the Company, in its sole discretion, deems to be unlawful or restricted. Restricted assets are those that generally require a special license or permit by a governmental agency or authority in order to sell, such as a federal firearms license or a hazardous materials handling or storage permit.

  Offer to Sell

Upon posting an asset for sale, Seller represents, warrants and agrees that it is irrevocably offering to sell the listed assets to any Buyer who satisfies the requirements of the auction, terms of payment and shipping. Seller represents, warrants and covenants that (1) it has good and marketable legal title to the offered assets, free and clear of any lien, security interest, leasehold interest, co-ownership interest, or any other type of encumbrance or interest of any other person or entity, (2) it has authority to list the offered assets for sale and to sell the offered assets, no listed asset infringes or violates (or contains any parts or components which infringe or violate) any third party's copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret or other intellectual property or proprietary rights. Failure of a Seller to complete the sale of an asset to a qualified Buyer because of non-delivery or misrepresentation of the merchandise could result in damages payable to the Company. Such damages shall become immediately due and payable by the Seller to the Company upon written demand by the Company. Should any additional shipping costs be incurred because of incorrect shipping information and/or preparation the seller agrees to pay for these costs.


During the period that the Seller has listed assets for sale with the Company, the Seller has granted the Company an exclusive right to sell the specified quantities listed in the Schedule 1 of the BEP. All potential purchasers discovering the property by whatever means during the period of the BEP will result in a commission paid to the Company if said Buyer consummates sale. Seller agrees that any sale of the specified quantities of property during the agreed listing period will cause a commission to be earned by the Company.

  Shill Bidding Policy

 Shill bidding" is the act of bidding on your own auction, either directly or indirectly, in an effort to artificially raise the price at which your auction item will eventually sell. This includes, but is not limited to, knowingly directing or allowing a third party to perform the artificial bidding against other, legitimate bidders in the auction. Shill bidding is not only a violation of the User Agreement, it violates both federal and state laws, and may subject perpetrators to criminal prosecution. Engaging in shill bidding on or through the BUSINESS E Pages. website and services may result in (1) cancellation of auction item listings; (2) account suspension; (3) referral to law enforcement agencies; and/or (4) criminal prosecution.

 Service and Transaction Success Fees

Upon the closing of a transaction, Sellers agree to pay the Company a success-based transaction fee for the marketing of their assets, integrated services and identification of qualified Buyers. The amount of this fee will vary based on the size and product type of the transaction and shall be communicated to and agreed by the Seller prior to listing the merchandise with the Company in the Schedule 1. In addition, the Company reserves the right to collect and retain a Buyer's premium from its customers in order to cover costs specific to any auction. Premium services such as third party inspection and warehousing are optional for Buyers and Sellers and require additional fees. The prices of the services are determined on a case-by-case basis and communicated to you by our Sales Team. A Seller's obligation to pay transaction fees incorporates by reference the Non-Circumvention clause contained herein. .... Payment of Fees

All fees and other amounts payable pursuant to this User Agreement shall be paid in the listing currency (United States Dollars or Euro), free and clear of, and without deduction or withholding on account of, taxes of any kind. All of the Company's success based fees are deducted from the proceeds of the sales. Other eventual and mutual agreed payments are due within 15 business days of invoice.

Sellers acknowledge that despite the Company's best efforts, Buyers may fail to perform. The Company does not provide any representations or guarantees that Buyers will pay Sellers on their agreed price on a timely basis.


Users who use the Site to bid on and purchase Listed assets of any kind ("Buyer" or "Buyers") represent, warrant and agree that:

  Bidding Activity

Buyer, by bidding on any auction assets, is demonstrating Buyer's intention and financial capability to purchase these assets.

  Upon the placing of a bid, the Buyer may not retract, amend or modify their bid without prior approval by the Company.

  At the close of an auction in which Buyer has a winning bid, Buyer agrees to make immediate payment for the total amount of the transaction, including the stated Buyer's Premium, shipping costs and all duties and taxes if applicable, using payment methods provided by Company upon auction close but in no circumstance later than two (2) business days of the payment notification. If the Company does not receive payment within two (2) business days, Buyer will be considered in default of bidding contract and will be responsible for biz E Pages damages fees of $125 or 12% of the final transaction price, whichever is greater. The Buyer will immediately be place in a suspended status until fees are paid.

  The Buyer understands that it is the Company's policy to allow first-time buyers to have no more than two (2) outstanding transactions that require payment at one time. Once the Buyer's outstanding transactions have been paid, the Buyer is free to continue bidding until they win an additional auction. As soon as the Buyer completes their first transaction, they will be able to bid without any restrictions. A completed transaction is one that has been paid, received, and the merchandise has been accepted.

  Asset Receipt and Inspection

  After the close of an auction in which Buyer has the highest bid, Buyer is required to make arrangements to pay for the goods and to take delivery of shipment of Seller's Listed assets. If a buyer refuses shipment of merchandise upon arrival at the Buyer's location, the Buyer is responsible for the associated shipping charges. Buyer must conduct an inspection of the goods within a reasonable time following receipt, normally within two (2) business days, or waive any claim for damages or non-conformity of the goods. Buyers who elect to arrange their own shipping of purchased goods waive their right to inspect the goods or to the Company's dispute resolution process regarding any alleged non-conformity of the goods. Except as otherwise stated in writing by the Company, all assets are sold "as is, where is."

  In the absence of Seller fraud, failure of Buyer to complete the purchase of assets may result in damages against the Buyer, including all damages available at law or equity. Buyer's failure to purchase assets after a Buyer's high bid is accepted will result in suspension or termination of Buyer's account. In addition, in the event of Buyer's failure to complete a transaction in the absence of Seller fraud, the Buyer agrees to immediately remit a success fee to the Company equal to 15% of the final bid placed on this listing. In the event of Buyer's default, the right is reserved to sell or otherwise dispose of the subject property and to charge all losses and expenses incidental thereto to the defaulting Buyer. The bid deposit, if applied to the transaction, shall be immediately forfeited by Buyer and applied against any such losses, expenses and liquidated damages.

  When property is sold on a unit price basis, Seller reserves the right to vary the quantity delivered by a percentage explicitly disclosed in the listing. The Buyer agrees to accept any quantity within these limits. Outside these limits, the purchase price paid shall be adjusted upwards and downwards in accordance with the quantity actually delivered and accepted by the Buyer. Buyers seeking price adjustments should follow the dispute process described in Section 7.

  The Buyer understands that according to Sales Tax Law, we are required to tax any individual or business under any or all of the following circumstances:



Upon the close of a sale, the Company's payment collection team will use commercially reasonable efforts to contact buyers in order to ensure timely payment. Payment is collected for all costs associated with the transaction including: Buyer's Premium and shipping expenses. Preferred methods of payment include wire transfers and PayPal. PayPal and Credit cards shall be accepted up to the limit of US $5,000 per transaction. All payments should be made via approved payment methods. For first time buyers (buyers who have not yet completed their first transaction), credit cards will not be accepted for used or salvage assets. PayPal and wire transfer are acceptable methods of payment. International buyers may pay for transactions via wire transfer only.

 The Company will directly and unconditionally remit to the Seller the amount paid for the assets by the Buyer minus the Company's fees as soon as practical but in no event later than 21 business days after the auction closing. Except where assets are sold "as is, where is" as stated in the auction description, the Buyer will be reimbursed by Company in the event of the seller's gross misrepresentation or non-delivery of the assets, if Buyer files a valid dispute form within a reasonable time of the Buyer's receipt of the assets, or of the expected delivery date for non-delivered goods.

Failure of a Seller to complete the sale of assets to a qualified Buyer because of non-delivery or misrepresentation of the merchandise could result in damages payable to the Company up to a maximum amount of $,10,000. In the event that a Seller is not able to complete the transaction or ship the goods due to unforeseen circumstances, the Buyer cannot hold either the Seller or the Company liable for damages beyond reimbursement of monies paid to the Company or Seller.


Sellers acknowledge that despite the Company's efforts, Buyers may fail to perform. The Company does not provide any representations or guarantees that Buyers will pay Sellers on their agreed price on a timely basis.


The Company reports instances of credit card fraud to proper law enforcement authorities and prosecutes offenders to the full extent of the law. Credit card fraud includes, but is not limited to, any instance where a buyer has charged back their credit card payment and maintains possession of the merchandise, without the consent of the Seller.


Users agree not to negotiate, communicate, or transmit any information of any kind with any other Registered User (whether or not the User has placed a bid) in an attempt to complete the sale of assets and specified quantities listed in the Schedule 1 of the Biz E Page through a means outside of the Company's online Biz E Page auction (a "Circumventing Transaction"). In the event a Seller completes a Circumventing Transaction within 12 months following the expiration of a Seller's auction, Seller understands and agrees that Seller is obligated to immediately remit a success fee to the Company equal to 15% of the final aggregate gross sale price for the assets or merchandise sold in the Circumventing Transaction. This non-circumvention clause shall apply to Users and their principles, agents and representatives, including but not limited to employees, consultants, bankers, attorneys, accountants, assignees, heirs and transferees.


Buyers who feel that their auction was misrepresented (in terms of quality, quantity, or both) must submit an online dispute form to bizepage.com. The form can be found by visiting www.bizepage.com. Buyers are required to submit support to validate their claims (including manifests or photos) and failure to do so may result in a denied claim. Buyers must have a dispute on file in order for the Customer Support department to conduct any actions on their behalf. To help eliminate the need for disputes, buyers should accurately check the manifest, condition, shipping terms, and images of product they wish to purchase. Buyers who arrange their own shipping agree to waive their right to dispute the merchandise, and assume responsibility at the point of pick-up. Merchandise should be inspected prior to exiting the facility.

How Business e page used your Information 

Your bizepage information is used to operate and improve the features, offerings and content presented to you by us; to personalize the content and advertisements provided to you; to fulfill your requests for products, programs, and services; to communicate with you and respond to your inquiries; to conduct research about your use of our products; to share information about you and your business; to communicate with other users and business contacts; and, to help offer you other products, programs, or services that may be of interest or relevance to you.

Your bizepage information will not be shared with third parties for marketing purposes unless it is necessary to fulfill a transaction you have requested, or in other circumstances in which you have given your consent to the sharing of your biz e page information to affiliates, partners, agents or other parties whose products or services we believe may be of interest to you. Since biz e page is design to help companies and business professionals network with others, Business e pages designed so that certain information about you and your business is available to others on bizepage and via search engines, including, your name, and location of your business, and to help you communicate with companies and business professionals. As we explain below, you can add, ad pages to your company at any time, modify or delete what information is made available to others in the My Profile area of bizepage. Please use www.bizepage.com/myinfo to learn about all of bizepage services and offerings, and what options you have to take advantage of such services. We may use your Business E Pages information to present offers to you on behalf of business partners and advertisers. To advertise with biz e page you agreed to pay the fee charge by the company BUsiness E Pages for selection package

The contents of your online communications, as well as other information about you  as a bizepage user, may be accessed and disclosed in response:  to lawful governmental requests or legal process (for example, a court order, search warrant or subpoena), in other circumstances in which we have a good faith belief that a crime has been or is being committed by a user, that an emergency exists that poses a threat to the safety of you or another person, when necessary either to protect our property, or for us to render the service you have requested.

In the event that our ownership was to change as a result of a merger or acquisition by another company, your bizepage information may be transferred. We will provide you notice prior to any such transfer of your information.

Your Information Choices

You can make or change your choices about receiving offerings from us or our partners by going to www.bizepage.com. Any e-mails that you receive that contain marketing promotions will provide an option to remove your name from future mailings; provided, however, you understand and agree that this exclusion does not apply to notices we provide you about your biz e page services.

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