Company overview

 To advertise a Business you understand the most powerful advertising technique on the Internet is showing up in organic search results (ideally first page, in the first three results).

The  understand that is currently your best tool along with Pay Per Click suggestion tools (from Google, etc) to discover which search terms get the most search volume.

Getting in organic search engine results is hard, but the best quick checklist to help you get there is the Vaughn’s list:

Do understand that Pay Per Click search ads provide your next best set of Internet advertising techniques after organic search engine placement.

Do understand that text links almost always outperform banner ads as advertising techniques because they look more like content and people are used to clicking on content (text links) far more than ads.

Do understand that Internet display ads perform best with flash animation, motion, or video.

Do understand the eye reads top left to bottom right and that impacts your click-through rate depending on where your text links or display ads are on the page.

Do understand that the page upon which the consumer link is just as  than the ad or that got them there.

Do understand that improving or optimizing your own pages and your own site has more impact than optimizing your advertising techniques in text links or display ads.

Don’t underestimate the importance of this sentence above.

Don’t assume that just because you built a website people will visit it.

Don’t underestimate the power of words: You, your, asking a question, amazing, discover, now are all proven “power” words that produce far higher response. This is why we our in this Business to Help your Company to provided the best quality Service, Smart ads to increase you company in a shot time